When individuals and businesses find themselves in disputes, whether they are already in litigation or are headed in that direction, mediation should be considered by the parties involved in the dispute if they value any one or more of the following attributes of a non-litigated dispute resolution:

  • Saving time, money and business resources, which are all expended in great measure in court battles.
  • Private and confidential negotiations facilitated by an experienced neutral whose sole goal and interest is in assisting the parties in resolving their dispute.
  • Exploring and creating resolutions to disputes that a court/judge cannot provide to either of the parties.
  • Preserving personal, customer and business relationships by avoiding painful and destructive adversarial procedures which is the hallmark of the litigation process.
  • Avoiding the uncertainty of an extremely expensive court imposed outcome rendered by an individual judge or jury which may not have even understood or heard the issues of your dispute though you have paid dearly for the opportunity to have “your day in court.”

If you and/or your attorney wish to learn more about the benefits and advantages of resolving disputes with the assistance of experienced mediators, we can help you.