Estate Planning, Administration & Elder Law

Estate Planning Elder Law

Plan today to enjoy a worry-free tomorrow.

Reager & Adler’s Estate Planning and Estate Administration practice areas are all about providing our clients with peace of mind.

When it comes to elder care law and estate settlement, we recognize the importance of having a system that organizes your legal and financial affairs, provides for children and/or parents, maximizes tax advantages for your estate as well as ensures that you are prepared for each stage of your life. Through our Life Plan Portfolio, our Elder Law Practice is designed to assist you in arranging your objectives and assets to ensure the highest quality of life throughout your life.

Contact one of our elder law attorneys or estate planning attorneys today to learn more about any of the following services:

Estate Planning

  • Wills and Trusts (Revocable and Irrevocable)
  • Power of Attorney (General and Specific)
  • Advance Healthcare Directives/Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Assessing and minimizing tax impact on heirs
  • Guardianship
  • Charitable giving

Estate Administration and Trust Administration

  • Advise and guide Executor/Administrator
  • Advise and guide Trustee
  • Probate process from start to finish
  • Preparation and filing of Inheritance Tax Return
  • Distribution and Estate assets and property transfer

Elder Law

  • Advance Healthcare Directives/Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Power of Attorney (General and Specific)
  • Special needs trusts and asset protection trusts
  • Elder Abuse
  • Leaving a legacy/wealth transfer
  • Medicaid Review
  • Family caregiver contracts
  • Nursing home contracts

“To Reager & Adler, estate planning is life planning, and our Life Planning Portfolio system was developed as a tool to assist clients in this process. We review a client’s current situation to discern what life circumstances need to be addressed immediately. Then we project forward in time to anticipate the triggering events that will give shape to a completed plan. Utilizing our companion practice specialties—business planning, real estate, elder law, and estate administration—we are confident that we can react to any circumstantial change.”


Why choose Reager & Adler for your estate planning, estate administration and elder law needs?

Control of Client Risk

We believe thorough planning prevents costly legal and financial miscalculations in the future. Your Life Plan Portfolio provides solutions for your most important life-changing events. We develop customized answers that address and resolve unique situations.

Collaborative Focus

Our Estate Planning, Estate Administration, and Elder Law practices are fully integrated. We also work with your financial advisors and accountant to ensure continuity.

Experience and Expertise

Reager & Adler has more than 45 years collective experience in estate planning and elder law led by a senior partner who is an accredited estate planner.

Value-driven Fee Options

Our fees deliver quality and control cost by blending fee rates among participating senior attorneys, associates, and paralegals. We use flat fee and/or hourly billing, selecting the method that is most advantageous to your situation.

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