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Commercial Real Estate

Reager & Adler’s depth of experience and its reputation as a firm that understands the perspective of a business owner positions our Commercial Real Estate Law team as a unique ally in the structuring and closing of a commercial real estate transaction. In addition, our commercial real estate law firm also offers development of loan documents for lending institutions as well as the handling of the commercial real estate settlement.

We welcome your inquiry regarding your next real estate transaction whether you are looking to buy, sell, lease or develop the following:

  • Commercial property
  • Office parks
  • Residential communities
  • Condominiums and Planned Communities
  • Office buildings
  • Apartments
  • Shopping Centers

“We’re perfectly set up to handle all aspects of a commercial real estate transaction. At the front end, we have an accomplished, veteran land-use and zoning group. And, because we own our title company, all administration is handled right here in-house. If the deal happens to hit a snag, our dispute resolution team is highly experienced and extremely capable. Almost 50% of our firm’s practice is focused on real estate transactions, giving Reager & Adler a large presence and a wealth of experience in this market area.”


Residential Real Estate

Reager & Adler’s Residential Real Estate Law team can answer your questions and provide the support needed to navigate any property transaction. Our Real Estate Law Concierge Service defines with distinction the quality of our settlement process:

  • Selling real estate
  • Buying real estate
  • Financing real estate
  • Construction contracts
  • Leases
  • Title insurance

Our experienced real estate attorneys create a seamless, worry-free settlement process in a comfortable and professional setting. Trust the residential real estate law firm of Reager & Adler to provide a complete turnkey service from start of the transaction through your closing which also includes expert settlement services located in-house, including title insurance services through Midstate Abstract Company, an agent of First American Title Insurance Company.

“We built the foundation of our Residential Real Estate practice around the core belief that everything we do should lead to a seamless and successful experience for our clients. It’s this perspective that has differentiated us in the marketplace.”


Why choose Reager & Adler for a real estate transaction?

Experience and Expertise

When it comes to real estate, yes, we are experienced, responsive and focused on providing value, but we also bring a unique perspective to the table too. Reager & Adler is familiar with all aspects of any commercial transaction. We have structured, documented, and closed real estate secured loans from $1 million to $50 million. Our settlement teams keep the transaction moving forward toward a successful conclusion.

Control of Client Risk

It’s our standard policy that an attorney is at the settlement table prepared to address any last-minute issue.

Collaborative Focus

Reager & Adler has 40+ years of developing an extensive network of business connections, and this market awareness becomes an asset in the successful completion of any deal.

A Dual Perspective: Attorneys Who Think Like Business Owners

Dave Reager brings an MBA to the practice of law. This has allowed him to construct a settlement procedure that leverages legal know-how and an efficient business system to power the most effective closing experience in the region.

Value-driven Fee Options

The fact that we own and operate our title agency saves our clients’ money. We offer reasonable fees for services whether at an hourly rate, flat fee or a combination of both. Title insurance rates are regulated and consistent. Our advantage is a proven, effective and efficient settlement process. We always provide an experienced real estate attorney at the settlement table at no additional cost.

Responsiveness and Accessibility

Settlements are scheduled at the convenience of our clients.

Control of Client Risk

Attorney involvement reduces client, realtor, and lender risk. Our expertise and the efficiency of our settlement system eliminate errors.

Experience & Expertise

Our real estate lawyers have more than 90 years of collective experience. We provide a reassuring level of services with an assigned settlement coordinator and a full-time, in-house abstractor.