Construction Law

Construction Law

Reager & Adler’s construction lawyers provide legal representation to contractors, subcontractors, public and individual owners, developers, architects, engineers, and sureties. We represent clients on matters involving transportation facilities, airports, heavy and highway construction, convention centers, schools, libraries, manufacturing and warehouse facilities, hospitals, prisons, underground utilities, postal facilities, and private residences.

Our construction law attorneys have experience in the following services:

  • Complex claims
  • Breach of contract and breach of warranty
  • Construction contract disputes and resolution
  • Payment disputes in construction
  • Defense of construction accident claims
  • Personal injury and wrongful death defense
  • Residential construction and renovations claims
  • Contract negotiations and document preparation
  • Bid protests
  • Mechanic’s lien and surety bond claims
  • Government procurement

Our solutions for dispute resolution claims begin with a thorough case analysis and determination of value to our client and in cases where it is warranted, civil litigation.

“Construction law claims are unique because they often involve complex issues of liability and damages. We explain these issues to the client and work to arrive at the net value of the claim. This is where our decades of experience count most. Our assessment of net value to the client drives our advice. We work to settle cases where possible and litigate when necessary. This approach, which focuses on value to the client, has consistently yielded positive outcomes as evidenced by the fact that our greatest source of new clients is referrals from existing clients.”


Why choose Reager & Adler to handle your construction law dispute?

Experience & Expertise

Over 40 years of delivering quantifiable results.

Collaborative Focus

Our construction law attorneys are experienced in complex claims involving contractors, owners, architects, engineers, and surety companies. This experience allows us a working advantage: We know the process and we know the players. Other Reager & Adler practice area specialists can be counted on to assist with case-specific contingencies.

Value-driven Fee Options

Each case receives a thorough cost benefit analysis that emphasizes the right call—settle or litigate. Our goal is to achieve the best net results for the client.

Control of Client Risk

Ted Adler, a founding partner of Reager & Adler, supervises all litigation. Our approach to litigation pursues a complete and reasoned case analysis—is there a case or not? We offer clients a candid assessment that qualifies the right solution versus the fair solution.

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